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Newly Diagnosed: What to learn and what to expect.

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1. How can I "cure" mind blindness? What are practical tools or techniques to correct/compensate/counter the setbacks that mind blindness causes?
2. What are practical ways to improve alexithymia?
3. How important is a professional diagnosis vs. readily available diagnostic questionnaire options, seeing myself in the experience of other ND men, feedback from spouse/close friends, etc.?
4. If I am not looking for services/accommodations, what are the benefits of seeking a clinical diagnosis? What are the potential drawbacks?
5. What are strategies for combatting the tendency to perceive reminders/suggestions as criticism (mentioned specifically in the first video)?
6. What is the upside of being ND? What latent "superpowers" might the ND man have that might go unrecognized/unappreciated?
7. How can I remain motivated and teachable when expressing the empathy and connection my wife and kids need feels like so much work?

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