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Group Coaching

Why Groups? Why Meetups? Why Group Coaching?

  • Groups are cost-effective! This is a way to start your work in the EDUCATE phase as you learn more about being a NeuroDiverse Couple. Some groups are meant to EQUIP you with a new skill or coping strategy.

  • Great way to meet other coaches in the referral network

  • Meet others with a similar marriage and feel less alone on your journey!

  • All groups are virtual through Zoom unless stated it meets in person.


There are groups for couples, men, women and just added, groups for parents!

Groups for all stages of learning from newly diagnosed or exploring neurodiversity to what are my next steps? There are groups for women who are separated or making transitions or recovering from abuse or trauma.

Which Group Works for You?

mary jones 90 day group.png
dr mary3.png

Led by Mary Jones, MD

Stephanie groups 2024.png

Led by Dr. Stephanie Holmes

Just the guys new photo.png

Led by Rev. Dan Holmes

Dan group 2024 AS ND Men.png
BGrant-NDCoach-2021b small copy.jpeg

Led by Barb Grant

barb group spring 2024.png
BGrant-NDCoach-2021b small copy.jpeg

Led by Barb Grant

barb group summer 2024.png

Led by Rev. Iris Knapp

Mending the Soul June 2024.png
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