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Many professionals and ministers are not educated about the adult autism spectrum population, and much less is understood about the nuances of relationships on the autism spectrum. The method used in coaching and counseling practices is to first educate the couple about the spectrum and their differences in neurology. The coach, counselor, chaplain, or minister will also need to understand more about the autism spectrum in order to help educate the couple about their differences and complexities in their relationship. In the Education portion of this training, the viewer will be invited to broaden their understanding of the spectrum from what they may have learned concerning children on the autism spectrum. Changes in identification and terms used, as well the importance of language will be discussed in this module. The viewer will also be invited to understand the concept of NeuroDiversity and its importance to better serving a NeuroDiverse couple.

The course available for this module 


This training goes beyond lecture-based lessons to include interviews of couples on the spectrum as well as ministers concerning the complexities that may be challenging to faith-based NeuroDiverse couples. Several couples participated in surveys and questionnaires to Equip the viewers on strategies that were helpful or harmful for NeuroDiverse couples. Bibliotherapy is a key component in a couple's work; books that are recommended for the viewer, as well as the couple, are taught with an explanation of homework that may be used with various books as part of the equipping process. Using positive psychology and strength-based methods, the viewer will be taught to build on strengths present in the couple and identify challenge areas or communication gaps to build the needed tools for effective strategies specifically suited for the dynamics of the couple.

Effective Strategies

This third level of training is what many would consider where marriage work begins. Marriage work or therapy can begin with the foundation of Education and Equipping with essential tools for the faith-based NeuroDiverse couple. Effective strategies will be discussed and how to decide what strategies or options are best-suited from couple to couple. 

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