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Want to be a certified NeuroDiverse Christian Couple coach, counselor, chaplain or clergy?

Professionals (Coaches, Counselors, Clergy, Chaplains, Clinicians)

Why additional training? Isn’t my degree or background enough?

In the 1990’s the terms Asperger’s Syndrome (AS) and High Function Autism (HFA) became part of the diagnostic lexicon, yet research and supports for adults on the autism spectrum are still lacking. While we no longer use the terms Asperger's or denote high or low functioning autism, we have not really understood the concept of NeuroDiversity in the therapeutic or ministry world and its impact on marriage.

With that in mind have you considered that therapeutic approaches and modalities taught in various schools of training assume both persons in marriage counseling are neuro-typical (NT) and possess essential, compatible, or similar communication skillsets?


We invite you to learn about AS-NT or NeuroDiverse Christian couples and better understand the nuances and challenges that NeuroDiverse Christian couples face in communication and connection with each other.

The International Association of NeuroDiverse Christian Marriages, LLC believes in covenant marriage as defined Biblically, and we are here to equip and train you to better understand, serve, support, counsel, and minister to NeuroDiverse Christian Couples (NDCCs).


Certification Coursework

Our model for couples is Educate, Equip, and then Effective Strategies so that you can Endure/Energize!

The Educate Course (Module 1) includes 46 lessons. This module will discuss the history of the diagnosis of the Autism Spectrum, language preferred, the impact of autism on students, multicultural issues with autism in the family, models of disability, ableism versus empowerment, the diagnostic criteria of Autism in DSM-IV, DSM-5, and ICD (including what therapists tend to miss in adults), differential diagnosis (please include an update on NPD vs ASD in our podcast with Jodi Carlton), the female autism phenotype, and basic neurobiology of autism and polyvagal theory.

The Equip Course (Module 2) is designed to equip you with nuances that may add to the complexity of Christian NeuroDiverse Couples. To start this module, you want to start with these FREE sermon series: Marriage Basics and Porndemic.  As part of this module, Dr. Stephanie Holmes sits down with two ministers to discuss these sermons and bring in the aspect of NeuroDiversity in marriage and some bad marriage theology and doctrine many couples have been taught and believed which adds to the complexity of ND Christian relationships. Also in this module, you will learn about special interests that can be detrimental, abusive, or cause harm in the ND marriage if the rigid thinking and special interest involves: pornography, sex, religions, the roles of men and women or Scripture.

Additional modules of Educate include interviews with 3 NeuroDiverse couples as well as interviews from those who had to make the painful decision to divorce. You will learn about the differences in marriage struggles when the diagnosis is known early in marriage versus a later in life diagnosis. You will hear how well-meaning people who did not understand autism in marriage caused harm. You will hear discussed how misinterpretations of headship and submission combined with rigid thinking and lack of theory of mind has led to neglect, indifference, and abuse in these relationships.

After you have completed these modules and complete a consultation hour with us, you will be an Autism Aware/NeuroDiverse counselor, coach, clergy, clinician, or chaplain and receive a certificate of Autism Aware couples’ work.

Additional modules have been filmed and are in the editing process. Come back and check often for updates!

Upon completing Educate, Equip and Effective Strategies as well as a consultation hour and supervision group, you will be a NeuroDiverse Trained & Certified marriage helper.

Supervision groups are an additional cost and will form every 8-10 weeks. Groups TBA

Continue your training!

Every Monday a new podcast is available to keep you informed at no cost to you.

These podcasts may be an interview with a professional in the field or insider’s view of lived experience from Rev. Dan and the Rev. Dr. Stephanie Holmes.

If you have questions about the training content, use our contact form.
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