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Our goal is to train and mentor coaches, counselors, clinicians, chaplains and pastors to better serve, coach and counsel NeuroDiverse Christian Couples. 

Qualifications for the Referral List:

  • The individual is first a committed Christian and is dedicated to a Biblical worldview.

  • The individual has completed a certified coaching program, counselor training or has a certification or training in psychology, social work, ministry, special education or a correlated field.

  • The individual has completed mentoring or modules through the International Association of Neurodiverse Christian Marriages.

Each referral has listed what their interest or specialty is working in this space.

We strongly recommend you conduct your own due diligence when determining if any professional listed here is the right fit for your particular situation. While we recommend the following individuals, each professional has their own practice and do not work directly for Dr. Stephanie and Rev. Holmes or their organizations. The following are NeuroDiverse/Autism aware and you would reach out to them directly concerning their fees and schedules. 

Adult Autism Assessments


Dr. Stephanie C. Holmes

Certified Autism Specialist


Cash Pay, Does not take insurance


Christopher Kotecha, LMHC

Licensed in NJ and NY

Assesses with the MIGDAS-2

M: 845-288-4703

345 N Main Street, Suite 1 

New City, NY 10956

Counselors and Coaches


Barbara Grant

NeuroDiverse Couples' Coach & Biblical Counselor

Barbara Grant, CAS, NCC, is a Certified Autism Specialist (IBCCES) and certified Neurodiverse Couples Coach (AANE) and is near the completion of her Master's in MFT (Marriage and Family Therapy.) She has been coaching and offering Biblical counseling since 2005, working with individuals, couples, and groups. Her current coaching practice focuses on neurodiverse couples, individuals, and families, as well as offering support groups for neurotypicals. Barbara enjoys people! She herself is neurotypical; her first marriage (of 20 years) was to a neurodiverse partner. and through that marriage has a high-functioning neurodiverse adult child. She brings a lifetime of experience, compassion, and understanding to all her clients and is becoming a significant voice in the growing dialog about how to best support and strengthen neurodiverse relationships. She works with individuals, couples and has groups.
Reach out to her at:

Barbara has been featured on our NeuroDiverse Christian Couples (NDCC) podcast. Listen to her episodes here:

Iris headshot - Copy.jpg

Rev. Iris Knapp

Certified Life Coach

Iris Knapp has over 50 years of ministry experience, and is now a Life Coach. Raised Jewish, she came to know Jesus as Messiah in 1969 during the “Jesus Freak” revival. Her qualifications include:

  • 15 years Full-time Ministry

  • 24 years of experience as a woman's small group/support group Lead facilitator

  • 18 years Mothers Support Group facilitator

  • 6 years Womans' & Neurodiverse support Group/Bible facilitator

  • Professional Christian Life Coach

  • Certified with Light University

  • Certified with AIFC Australian Institute of Family Counseling

  • Ministerial Licensed with IAOG International Assemblies of God Fellowship

  • ND Training with the International Association of ND Christian Couples

She is called to work with women. She has a special place in her heart for women coming out of a difficult life experience or trauma. And those who are pre-, mid- or post-divorce and neurotypical wives in neurodiverse or complex marriages.

Reach out to Iris at:

Iris has been featured on our NeuroDiverse Christian Couples (NDCC) podcast. Listen to her episode HERE!

dr mary3.png

Mary Jones, MD, ASDCS

Physician and PCCI-trained Life and Leadership Coach

Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinical Specialist (ASDCS) from PESI

Dr. Mary Jones believes there is greatness in each of us and is passionate about equipping and empowering women to reach their fullest potential. 

Throughout her life and career, she has had the privilege of working to empower and equip women and girls to be their best selves. Dr. Mary has also completed a study in autism as a speciality through PESI becoming an Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinical Specialist. Her vision is to see women living out their purpose and affecting change in their worlds. She is an NT married to a neurodivergent spouse and the mother of a son on the autism spectrum.

"Each day, I have the privilege of spending time coaching amazing women who are reaching goals and fulfilling a compelling vision for their lives."

Contact her at:

Dr. Jones has been featured on our NeuroDiverse Christian Couples (NDCC) podcast. Listen to her episode HERE!


She often has groups. Please check out the Group Coaching to see if she has a group being offered for women.


Team Rochford

About Jeremy and Charity Rochford

Jeremy and Charity, or Team Rochford as they are affectionately known, are both certified Life Coaches, now specializing in individuals and couples. Having recently discovered Jeremy’s place on the spectrum, they’ve pivoted coaching efforts to help other neuro-diverse couples. They’re working to launch their website, NeuroFam, with additional offerings, later this year.

The couple was originally from western Pennsylvania, meeting nearly 25 years ago at the California University of Pennsylvania, where Jeremy studied Communications and Charity studied Psychology. They have spent time living states apart and learning to navigate a long-distance relationship, first while Charity was working at Walt Disney World in Florida and then while Jeremy was playing for Christian rock bands on the east coast and in Tennessee. They spent some of their early married years in eastern PA, then spent 10 years in Nashville before moving back to the Pittsburgh area in 2018. They now live in the 1990s with their 2 children in the suburbs of western Pennsylvania.

Team Rochford has been featured on our NeuroDiverse Christian Couples (NDCC) podcast. Listen to his episode HERE!


Check out this YouTube video as well!

Team Rochford Works With:

  • ND Couples

  • Parents of ND children

  • Couples' Groups


Jeremy Rochford Works With:

  • AS/ND men, marital and life skills coaching

  • Fathers of AS/ND Children

  • Mens' Groups

  • Weight Loss Coaching

Jeremy has been featured on the Just the Guys podcast: LISTEN HERE

Charity Rochford Works With:

  • NT Women & Spouses of AS/ND Men, Marital & Life Coaching

  • Mothers of AS/ND Children




Robin Tate

Autism/ADHD Life & Neurodiverse Couples Coach

Robin Tate, M.A., M.S., BCC, ACC, CAS, is a professionally trained coach with ten years of teaching experience and owner of her own coaching and education practice (Robin Tate LLC). She has earned a Master of Science in Reading and a Master of Arts in Counseling. She is credentialed as a Board Certified Coach (BCC), Associate Certified Coach (ACC), and Certified Autism Specialist (CAS). Robin has trained with UCLA PEERS Institute, The Peter M. Friedman Institute Neurodiverse Couples Institute (AANE) and has completed Gottman Level 1 and 2 training. Her coaching approach is strength-based and client-centered. 


Robin is an ADHD woman with a lifetime of experience with neuro-distinct people. She has a passion for providing each client with an individualized coaching experience that co-creates goals, builds awareness of strengths and develops strategies to overcome challenges.  She believes that it takes two healthy individuals to create a healthy loving relationship. Robin coaches Neurodiverse Couples, she also provides Life Coaching to Autistic Adults and Non-Autistic partners in Neurodiverse Relationships. You can connect with Robin through her website at 


Robin has been featured on our NeuroDiverse Christian Couples (NDCC) podcast. Listen to her episode, Tips on Executive Functioning with Robin Tate, HERE!


Reach out to her at:

Other Services


Sarah Casburn, RNCP, RHN, CNE, ECE

(Neuro) Sensory Enrichment Therapist & Nutritionist for Neurodiversity

Sarah is neurodiverse herself, married for over 20 years to a neurodiverse husband, has two neurodiverse children, and is also the founder of Crown Family Wellness. She works with both children and adults (individuals and couples) all across the USA and Canada to support underlying reasons for the challenges that face the neurodiverse population.

She is a certified provider of an award-winning, evidence-based, and clinically validated online neuroscience program with weekly support that helps you boost brain connections at home. In only 5 to 10 minutes a day you can improve in the areas of mood, behaviour, communication, self-awareness, anxiety/depression, memory, attention, social skills, learning, sleep, eating, motor skills, and sensory processing (helpful also for couples dealing with intimacy issues).

The advantages of this program include:

  • Change happens very quickly, including typically improving emotional regulation and reducing aggression in as little as a few weeks because it naturally boosts serotonin and dopamine!

  • There is no talking required during the brief neuro-sensory exercises between the participant and the facilitator (partner/caregiver)

  • Uses household items, so no fancy equipment needed, and can be completed in only a few minutes with intensity options, at a time that is convenient for you

  • Though best outcomes are seen over a six-month span, there is no commitment to the program, so you can decide monthly if it’s still the right fit!

  • Can also support neurotypical individuals, addiction, trauma, grief, burnout, caregivers, dementia, and OCD

  • Weekly support is offered by phone, virtual groups, and/or text.

  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee if you follow the program and don’t see any change!

  • Financial assistance is available and ask about our Referral Discount Program!


Sarah is also a Registered Nutritionist, with a specialization in neurodiversity to support clients with both bio-individual nutrition and supplements to improve their quality of life in the areas of:

  • Methylation and Detoxification

  • Gut-Brain Health

  • GI Balancing

  • Reducing Systemic& Brain Inflammation


She also has experience as a Children’s Ministry Pastor for several years and is passionate about providing support in faith-based programs for children with challenges remotely using an approved adaptation of the above-mentioned neuroscience enrichment program. Sarah will be featured this year in multiple episodes on our Neurodiverse Christian Couples (NDCC) podcast.

Book a FREE 20-minute consultation: 1-855-588-7881 or


Jana M. Smith

Jana Smith is a Resilience Coach with certifications in Nervous System and Somatics Coaching (NEUROFIT) and Mental Health Coaching (AACC) and she has a Master’s Degree in Health Education. Jana has been providing individual coaching since 2016 and has experience mentoring and supervising other coaches as well as creating educational content. She offers one-one coaching and group classes to empower individuals to learn how to regulate their nervous system using practical tools. Her services are relevant to anyone navigating ongoing symptoms, chronic illness, Neurodiversity, Cassandra Syndrome, family/parenting challenges, past trauma, and the effects of prolonged stress. Jana’s experience with Neurodiversity began in her family of origin and includes her own diagnosis of ADHD as an adult. She also has firsthand experience using brain and body- based tools to recover from chronic illness. After a 7-year period of debilitating symptoms, Jana found relief by learning how to build resilience through nervous system regulation. She has made it her life’s work to help others bounce back in life so they can thrive instead of just survive.



  • Resilience Coaching

  • Resilience Boost Classes

  • CEDAR Resilience Course


CEDAR: Rooted and Resilient

Engaging in resilience work is like planting and nourishing a tree. The acronym CEDAR defines the strengths that emerge as a result of cultivating a healthy nervous system.

  • CALM: An ability to experience moments of internal peace and a sense of being present in life.

  • ELEVATED: Access to positive and uplifting emotional states such as joy, gratitude and excitement.

  • DIFFERENTIATED: Healthily buffered from others’ emotional states so that when they are struggling, you can remain steady.

  • ATTUNED: Empowered to show up for others with genuine empathy and emotional reciprocation from a place of maturity and strength.

  • REGULATED: Operating from a balanced nervous system.

The CEDAR Strengths Framework provides an easy to follow roadmap for nervous system regulation using both mind-based and body-based tools. Interested in getting more regulated? 

To learn more about Jana’s services, which include coaching, courses, a library subscription, and an easy to us nervous system app, visit her website at:

The above coaches do not work for  IANDCM, LCC or ASRM&F, LLC or Dan or Stephanie Holmes.

Each coach sets their own payment scales and has their own coaching agreements as their own practice.

Our recommendation for referral is based on the profession of faith, coach's training and additional training provided under IANDCM, LLC.

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