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In the 1990’s the terms Asperger’s Syndrome (AS) and High Function Autism (HFA) became part of the diagnostic lexicon, yet research and supports for adults on the autism spectrum are still lacking. While we no longer use the terms Asperger's or denote high or low functioning autism, we have not really understood the concept of NeuroDiversity in the therapeutic or ministry world.

With that in mind have you considered that therapeutic approaches and modalities taught in various schools of training make the assumption both persons in marriage counseling are neuro-typical (NT) and possess essential, compatible or similar communication skillsets?


Have you considered how neurology impacts marital and family counseling? Have you considered how Theory of Mind and perspective-taking differences may impact a couple’s ability to connect spiritually, social-relationally, cognitively, and physically? Have you considered that NeuroDiverse and NeuroTypical people may have different capacities or needs to connect or even how connection is defined to each person?


We invite you to learn about AS-NT or NeuroDiverse Christian couples and better understand the nuances and challenges that NeuroDiverse Christian couples face in communication and connection with each other.

The International Association of NeuroDiverse Christian Marriages, LLC believes in covenant marriage as defined Biblically, and we are here to equip and train you to better understand, serve, support, counsel, and minister to NeuroDiverse Christian Couples.

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