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Enemy Mode Men's Group Fall 2023

Description:  Men's group with the focus of seeing what's going on in us and what works to get out of "Enemy Mode." We'll use the book Escaping Enemy Mode by Dr. Jim Wilder (and a few of his other books) as the primary material. There are 8 sessions and each one will have podcast companion material. The content will be recorded. The expectation is that everyone comes prepared having read the material, watched the video, and listened to the podcast. We'll meet for an hour twice a month and talk through the material.

There are two times available each night: 8:00 pm & 9:15 pm Eastern.

The course guide can be found HERE.

Required Book:  Escaping Enemy Mode. by Dr. Jim Wilder

That is a link to Amazon. Buying the book from our affiliate link gives a portion of the sales to us.


Aug 8

Enemy Mode through pages 58: Intro, Chapters 1 and 2

Please listen to the podcast, “Are you in your right mind?”

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Discussion Questions

Aug 22

Read Chapter 3, pages 59-76 Simple Enemy Mode

Please listen to our discussion with Dr. Wilder on the overview of the connection of Enemy Mode and the ND Christian Couple

Discussion Questions

Sept 12

Listen to the Teaching Video on Chapter 4: Stupid Enemy Mode

Read: Pages 77-98

Listen to the podcast with Dr. Gill on Attachment 101, May 23, 2022

Discussion Questions

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Oct 3

Chapter 5, Intelligent Enemy Mode, pages 99-126

Podcast: Marriage & Attachment, Dr. Gill, June 6, 2022

Discussion Questions


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Oct 10

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Oct 24

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Nov 7

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Nov 21

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